D’awww, look what I got to come back to today!

Today I could only last about an hour…it was a hundred degrees and my cousin and I walked around quite a bit before I started busking.  I played in front of the giant escalator in DC near Dupont Circle for less than an hour because I was so hot and dehydrated.  I got so spoiled in New York that it’s hard for me to play for people who won’t look up now.  Plus, I think D.C. people are a little more angry than elsewhere, but perhaps I was just looking through the “I’m really hot and need to earn some money” lens.  One person stopped and said hello (almost missed his bus, too!), but when it comes down to it, I earned an OK amount for just an hour.  I was just being a brat.

I was thinking about quickly setting up in front of the White House and trying to snap a picture before the cops got to me, but somehow I can see them tackling me with the notion that I have some sort of grenade launcher in my guitar case.  Hey, it could happen!  So I just got one holding my case.

Gross earnings for the day: $25
Gross earnings so far: $2027