Back to the big apple!


Waiting for a delayed flight.  Here’s a picture of me playing at the watermelon festival:

And The Green Boys were the band I made friends with while I was there. I wish I’d met them earlier so we could’ve played music together, but I’ll be back in Richmond at some point!  They’re a great little old-time, swingy bluegrassy band.  

The Watermelon Festival

I played in front of Nacho Mama’s for 45 minutes, from 11:15 to 12.  It was nice because I had amplification this time around, and they let me put out my case.  Obviously passersby were not expecting to give tips at the festival, but I still did fairly well for 45 minutes.  I met a very cute guy who is playing at 1:45!  Gonna go to that.  

Gross earnings for the day: $27
Gross earnings so far: $2482