thepriceofbeingawolf-deactivate said: Hi. Did you ever busk in Richmond? Having trouble finding any info. Hoping you could help. Thanks

Yes! The best place to busk is outside the Byrd theatre while people are waiting in line for tickets. I busked there over the summer when it was warmer but I was there this weekend and the line is still very long. Everyone has cash because they are buying tickets to the movie, so it is perfect. Hope that helped!

Saturday night Richmond pt. 2

Played the first line at the Byrd and then tried at the second one.  Turned out there were few people there so I just sort of wandered down the street to the area where those two Frozen Yogurt places are right next to each other.  There’s a really nice spot with great acoustics in front of a rug place (why are there so many oriental rug places in Carytown?) so I played there for maybe thirty or forty-five minutes.  There exist some videos so I’ll post them.

I am/was feeling pretty low-energy for some reason and getting annoyed with a creep who was creepin’.  What else is new?  One thing I will enjoy returning to Chapel Hill is being less surrounded by creeps!  Anyway, it was still a nice evening and I really didn’t play all that long.  Probably about an hour and a half in total.  I need to get some good sleep and be somewhere with lots going on.  Us extraverts absorb energy from the outside world, and at least for me, I start losing energy after a long period of not a lot of engaging circumstances.

Gross earnings for the day: $98
Gross earnings so far: $2455

Crowd was pretty slim this evening

Perhaps because of the rain?  I thought that because it was a Thursday there would be more people there, but I guess not.  Played less than half an hour I’d say altogether because I stopped when there were not people around.  Last night, the theater made me move over to the vintage store, and today the vintage store made me move even further to the deli.  I guess I’ll just stick to that spot from now on.

Gross earnings for the day: $33
Gross earnings so far: $2324

More success at the Byrd!

The crowd was slimmer this evening, but I still did quite well.  I played for 45 minutes for the first line.  Tomorrow I might try to do both lines, it being Thirsty Thursday and all.  Unfortunately they didn’t let me play right in front of the theatre this time…I guess they didn’t notice me last night.  I scooted over a little bit and it was just fine!

Tomorrow is my interview at 10:55 AM.  Here is where you can hear the Podcast.  Apparently it is a Conservative radio show, and all of you know well that I am not Conservative; however, I feel as though this interview will not require any expression of political beliefs.  And y’all know that if they ask me about this whole Chick-Fil-A thing I will give them a piece of my mind.  I think it’s mostly about freedom of expression, though, which I obviously believe in.

Gross earnings for the day: $68
Gross earnings so far: $2291

This evening

Another successful evening at the Byrd!  Last night I went and checked at the 9:45 and I felt like the line wasn’t going to really exist much, but today I went for the earlier showing and the line seemed substantial enough to play.  Turns out that was definitely true!  I played for 45 minutes, while the line was there and moving (I don’t start until it’s already moving: I don’t like making people have to stand there and listen when they didn’t sign up for it.  But if they get to escape it’s ok!).  I have a radio interview sometime this week and also I GET TO MEET WITH THE TUMBLR STAFF IN RICHMOND ON FRIDAY!!  Apparently they have a secondary office here, and their main headquarters is in New York City.  YAAAAAAYYYYYYYY

Gross earnings for the day: $67 (and also 20 Kronor)
Gross earnings so far: $2223


I received an overwhelming response on Tumblr and e-mail last night and this morning from the crowd present at the Byrd last night!  I am not going to post all of the messages I received via Tumblr, but thank you for all of your kind words.  Also, there is a short article about me in a blog called “West of the Boulevard,” which reports on events around this area. Coooool!

In addition to that I received a very, very sweet e-mail from a single dad thanking me for  the music I am sending out into the world.  Those kinds of responses make what I’m doing worth it, even when many days are spent playing to people that won’t even look up at you.  He sent a picture of him and his daughter, who is an aspiring musician, and I pretty much smiled in the Morgan Freeman sense of the word.

Anyway, thank you again everyone.  I’ll be back in the same place next weekend at the same time…I’m not sure what I will do as far as busking goes until then.  If anyone has any suggestions for the coming week, please message or comment!  It’d be much-appreciated.

The Byrd Theatre

Nice evening!  The Byrd is a theatre in Carytown, which is a neighborhood in Richmond, and it is quite popular on Saturday nights.  People wait in line for tickets, and then wait in line to be let into the theatre.  Well, I can’t resist a slowly moving line!  I spent about forty-five minutes busking before each showing of the film and it was quite enjoyable.  I don’t know what I’m going to do for the rest of the week because it seems as though that’s going to be the best time of the week.

Anyhow, adorable, young kids made many appearances, and as you all well know, I’m crazy about those people.  Here is one:

Anyway, monetarily it was one of my best days so far because I didn’t play all that long and made a lot of money.  It was pretty fun too!  And it’s nice to see my mom’s new house!  It’s been a while since I’ve seen her.

Gross earnings for the day: $110
Gross earnings so far: $2156