"Summertime" by George Gershwin.

Performed by me, Leah Taub, in Carytown.

Interesting, someone in my old spot in Charlotte who kind of looks like me and is clearly performing in the same way as me!  I am intrigued.  I bet people will think that we are the same person.

Interesting, someone in my old spot in Charlotte who kind of looks like me and is clearly performing in the same way as me!  I am intrigued.  I bet people will think that we are the same person.

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Tomb Nelson and the Stillwater Hobos

From left to right: Taylor, John, Will, Thomas (or Tomb), Bob and Alex

Clearly I am a professional videographer

These nice, lovely young men are Roman Catholics.  You may not be able to see clearly as well as I could see up close, but these are the kind of boys you want to be able to do things to that Roman Catholics aren’t allowed to have done to them.  How do you tell a nice Roman Catholic boy that you want to do dirty things to him?  Hey, let’s get married soon and do it in the missionary position once a year?  Oooooohhhh that’s hot!

But seriously, after meeting them I was considering that option

"Oh Darling" by the Beatles

Asheville, NC


The loveliest voice on the Square.

Why thank you!


The loveliest voice on the Square.

Why thank you!


It starts tomorrow.  As a result, half of downtown Charlotte is closed down to cars today.  I did okay today, better than expected.  Wednesdays aren’t the best days in Charlotte, apparently, plus with all of the loud shit going on downtown people couldn’t hear me well.  But I got to walk down the middle of Tryon which was cool!  Made me feel neat!

I was really tired today so I only played for about an hour and a half, and then Luckey showed up!  Luckey is his real last name.  I met his wife and I ended up giving them a bunch of money because they are homeless and the kindest people in the world.  Tasha told me how excited she was to meet another woman doing her thing on the streets because there aren’t many of them, and she just had the most wonderful eyes and kind smile.  When I left she cried.

They told me to call them tomorrow morning whether or not I was planning and coming uptown, so I have to remember to do that.  Notice all the bullshit in the background.

We also received an appearance from the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile or whatever it’s called, which I got a picture of but I figure you guys already know what that looks like.

Anyway, although I was really tired it ended up being a nice day and I met a ton of people.  I wish I could chronicle about every single person I’ve met but there really have been so many.  If I was ever in any kind of shell I have shed it completely for this.  I mean you really have to get used to dealing with ANYTHING if you’re doing this job.  I can talk to pretty much anyone now, at least in the context of my downtown travels.  Everyone knows me down there, and everyone knows I’m nice so no one is scared to talk to me.  I love it!  I got walked to my car by a cute Jimmy John’s delivery boy and I’m really just surrounded by a welcoming city.  Even when it’s scary.


Gross earnings for the day: $58
Gross earnings so far: $697 (12 days)

I stopped counting change my bad 

Onward bound to Asheville!

Back to the Queen City!

My hometown.  Played on the corner of Trade and Tryon facing the Bank of America square where the fruit market is on Tuesdays and Fridays.  I did really well!  The same phenomenon occurred here as in Raleigh: I made very little money at the beginning and then as time went on the money came in much faster.

What’s uber annoying about busking here as opposed to Raleigh (which I would have never noticed if I hadn’t played there) is that there I was playing towards another building and my voice/guitar would echo off the other building so a lot of people could hear me without me having to strain so much.  I have to sing so much louder here so I get tired a lot quicker.

Also, people are much less likely to try to talk to you here which is a blessing and a curse.  It gets lonely after awhile but you also don’t have to pause for a long time to talk to people.

Aaaanyway, I played from about 11:45 to 1:35 today.

Gross earnings for the day: $78.26
Gross earnings so far (oh no math): $248.97 (5 days)

I am soooo boring ugh.

Friday, May 11

Today was another great day!  I played in downtown Raleigh again from about 12:15 to about 2:15.  A little later this time, which may or may not have been a disadvantage.  I didn’t make any money for like fifteen whole minutes…which is a long time.  I forgot to bait my case (Sheena left to park the car with my wallet), and you really have to do it or you will not make as much money.  Speaking of which, this is me attempting to shove all the bills into my wallet:

It doesn’t fit.  Also, look at all those Starbucks gift cards!  I got them from busking last summer.

Anyway, I’m not sure what psychological phenomenon causes people to put money in the case only if there’s already money in there, but it seems like the more money that’s in there, the more money that comes in.  Just a conjecture though.

Anyhow, cute children were in abundance today, so I could not help but be happy the whole time.  One little boy wanted desperately to play with me so I let him touch the guitar and I tried to get him to strum it but he wasn’t quite that advanced yet.  Every time I started playing he would grin the whole time.  Getting to interact with kids of all ages is one of the best parts about busking.  

I also witnessed a touching moment of a couple (Jesse and Thomas) reuniting; they later came up to me and gave me money and I learned that he had just got out of prison and this was the first time they’d seen each other in a long time.  It was really nice.  She was really excited and told me she wanted to ask me to play Adele, but I played it before she had a chance to ask!

Anyway, so we needed to go get the car after that, so we parked it somewhere else and ate here:

It’s called “The Morning Times” and I think it’s a big deal in Raleigh.  I probably have more to say (do I ever shut up?) but anyway…

Gross earnings for the day: $52.71 (this is approximate, I payed for parking before I could count it)
Gross earnings so far: $170.71 (4 days) 

It is time.

May 9

Well, it was time earlier today!  I just thought you might want to say that in your head like Rafiki.  Anyway, today I played in Raleigh, really my first busking for the summer unless you want to count the Chapel Hill busking.  From this post on (and I will include my post from Chapel Hill) I am going to add up my gross earnings from busking.

Today was an excellent day!  There was a farmer’s market nearby where I went, but there was already a band playing nearby so I went a little down the road on Fayetteville Road, in front of the library.  There are fewer people around in Raleigh, but people are much more generous there than Charlotte!  And certainly more generous than Chapel Hill!  I am not sure why this would be.  It’s a good thing to keep in mind.  I started playing at 11:30 and finished around 1:45, with an interruption of fifteen minutes or so of rain.  I also stopped to talk to people a few times.

Lots of little kids, which always make me happy.  I try to smile as much as possible, and it feels pretty easy since I enjoy what I’m doing!  I need to get my hard case from Chapel Hill so I can put a sign on it that says pictures are allowed, since lots of people  were asking.  Also I need to put my tumblr URL on there.

Gross earnings for the day: $73
Gross earnings so far: $120 (3 days)