This is what I did today instead of busking
Sorry not sorry

This is what I did today instead of busking

Sorry not sorry

Downtown Portland

It was rainy today so no busking but I hung out with friends in downtown Portland.  One of them is a writer and he is going to read my blog and judge me so hard because I am such a bad writer.

Portland from the bus

Portland from the bus


I’m a little hoarse from playing yesterday since I’m still sick, plus I’ve heard it’s a little dead downtown on Sundays, so I’m taking a day just to chill out and do nothing.  It turns out I’m going to be in the Pacific Northwest for longer than I thought; I’m not leaving here until July 2nd.  That’s a full three weeks up here!  What a great place to be!  Fortunately I’m recovering so I’ll be able to busk on a regular basis when I get back to Seattle, and the weather is supposed to be good so I’m really excited!

Back in business!

I finally busked again today, and this time for real.  I busked in front of Voo Doo Doughnuts, which, for those of you who know nothing about Portland, is a big tourist spot here for some reason.  They make a bunch of specialty kinds of doughnuts.  This was a little different for me because the people I was playing to were mostly stationary, since there is such a long line in front of the doughnut place.  I played for about two hours.  There were a bunch of people in some sort of scavenger hunt, so after receiving a maple bacon doughnut (with real bacon on it!), someone bought it from me for $5 so they didn’t have to wait in line.  I also received these two things:

as well as a gnarly sunburn with a guitar strap line.  That is a minikite by the way, which is exactly what it sounds like.  It actually flies and everything!

A recap of yesterday is that I ended up on a boat island, which contains people who live on boats.  None of the weird things that happened yesterday have anything to do with busking so they aren’t really relevant.  But anyway, Portland has a market on Saturdays on the northern part of the waterfront so that was cool and I think I am going to go down to the waterfront tomorrow.  It depends on how I feel, because today I was still feeling sick and can’t sing as well.  I really dislike not sounding great, but I don’t want to lose my momentum or waste a Saturday.

Pirate island.  Anyway, need to update more often.

Earnings for the day: $75
Earnings so far: $1247.70 (19 days)


Pioneer Square was a no-go and I did not want to strain my voice in a place where I wasn’t going to make any money since I’m sick and everything.  For those of you who want to come to Portland, you cannot busk in Pioneer Square but you can across the street on any side of it.  Interestingly, Portland doesn’t seem to be a very busker-friendly city.  It’s kind of a weird place actually.  I think that there are so many musicians here, and on top of that a lot of young homeless people attempting to sort of live off the system (or at least it is perceived that way) that buskers are incorporated into that category at times.

No matter!  Tomorrow there is a market down by the water front so I am going to head down in that direction and play off to the side.  A lot of weird things happened today but I am so tired that I will chronicle tomorrow.


No one is speaking hyperbolically when they say that everyone here is hip.  Everyone here is hip.

Today I will be busking in Pioneer Square if anyone up here wants to check me out…although I may sound like doodoo because I am ill.

I am not going to go into too much detail at this moment but Portland is gorgeous.  I’m staying in Southwest Portland (it’s divided into sectors or something) and it’s super wooded and hilly but pretty close to town nonetheless.  Downtown is really nice with lots of foot traffic all over the place, so it was a little difficult to decide where to go.  I think Pioneer Square will be good for today though.  I hope I don’t sound terrible!

forestfeet said: So cool that you're a street performer!! It was SO fun being in boston. i'm from portland oregon and only got to be on the east coast for a week but it was great!

I’ve always wanted to go to Portland!!  Did you actually busk in Boston or just see that guy and sing songs with him?  Is Portland good for busking?    Should I ask more questions?  I will put a question mark at the end of this statement so it is a question?