Handsome man that asked for my picture in Pike Place Market outside of the first Starbucks.

Handsome man that asked for my picture in Pike Place Market outside of the first Starbucks.

Seattle, July 1

I can’t believe I’m leaving Seattle tomorrow!

Today was an okay day.  I’m becoming more and more dependent on coffee again, and today I was just feeling really low energy which is not a good way to busk.  Fortunately I still did well monetarily, and I still had an okay time so that’s good news.  I had a little bit of a shorter fuse than usual but kept it bottled up, which is the healthy way, right?

I received a pear from the lovely fruit boys again, and a super tasty smoothie from Isaiah, the one who left me the poem.  The other buskers and I are getting along well, and it seems like we’re all tired today for some reason.  One of the other buskers has a sign to himself that says “Be NICE to the tourists.”  

I only played for about an hour and a half because I was so exhausted and my voice isn’t sounding very good, so that’s that.

Gross earnings for the day: $97.25
Gross earnings so far: $1862.57 (28 days) 

I forgot to say how much I made yesterday I think

Gross earnings for yesterday: $79.80
Gross earnings so far as of yesterday: $1662.52 (26 days)

Today was a great day!  I played in two spots straight through from 2 PM to 4 PM.  At first I played in front of the first Starbucks, a spot which has its ups and down.  It is really loud and crowded, and people often times don’t seem to realize that it is polite to lower your voice slightly when passing a busker, especially because tourists seem inclined to impersonate car dealership commercials at all times.  It drove me a little nuts from time to time.  On the other hand, there are tons of people around so that’s always good for busking.

It was an enjoyable day, albeit somewhat uneventful.  Oftentimes, uneventful days are a good thing because events can be harassment, rude people, etc.

Gross earnings for the day: $102.50
Gross earnings so far: $1765.32 (27 days)


It’s starting to feel really good here, and I don’t know if I’m ready to leave!  The Green Tortoise is another truly magical place, and its location right next to the market makes it extremely convenient.  I’m considering spending more time there next summer.

The market is a much more fun place to play than other parts of the city, and the buskers seem to be nicer to me than they are to each other, for the most part.  Yesterday I played in the back alley for an hour, and then the space in front of the cute fruit boys for another hour.  At the end of my second set, I met a very sweet man named Isaiah who bought me a juice and wheatgrass shots for my friend and me.  He then left me this note at the hostel (I scratched his number out):


Anyhow, Emory, the man whose picture is in my very first post on this blog, showed up at the hostel last night and hung out for awhile.  My Chinese roommates call me “Sexy girl.”  It’s weird.

The amount of solid information I learn from being around tons of foreigners every day is fascinating!

Today I will be playing in front of the first Starbucks at 2 o clock so check me out!

Someone finally sent me a picture!!


Anyhow, today was fairly slow but I finally got my busking license so I can play in the market!  I keep forgetting to put business cards in my case but I put some in for tomorrow.

The buskers in the market are hostile!  They do not appreciate newcomers, apparently.  Most of the ones I have met have begun with slight (or conspicuous) hostility, and then have realized that I am friendly and genuine and have altered their behavior.  Kill ‘em with kindness, y’all.  And anyway, I’ve made friends with a few so that’s good.

While I was playing, a young woman came up to me and said that she saw me when I was in Asheville!  I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT!  I was hoping that at some point someone would see me or my blog and then by coincidence end up in the same place as me and find me again!  She is here visiting her friend and finding a wedding dress, and her fiancé is in a picture with me many many posts ago.

Fruit boys gave me another apple today also, and they are really cute.  The boys, not the apples.  Anyway, two hours, 1PM to 2 PM and 3 PM to 4 PM.

Gross earnings for the day: $46.60
Gross earnings so far: $1582.72 (25 days)

Yesterday I met a leather daddy

He is my friend’s next-door neighbor.  He told me everything there is to know about the leather lifestyle and showed us his lair, uniforms and flogs and whips and all!  Here is my friend sitting in his sling: (that sounds dirty, and it is!)

Notice the towel that says, “Sex Towel.” 

Today I started off at the mall on 5th and Pine, and wasn’t digging it.  There are always a million of those clipboard people who make you feel horrible for not donating to save the children and even though they’re nice to me, they still try to pressure me into donating and I can’t donate to all of them, you know?  And then I feel guilty forever.

But I ended up moving to the market, and by a fluke ended up meeting one of the people that monitors the buskers.  He gave me a freebie and said I could play all day today as long as I go and get a permit tomorrow!  So it was a great day and I did fairly well once I left the mall.  You are only allowed to play at one spot for an hour, but I’m realizing that I will do well enough in the market that it’s worth the $30 that it will cost for the permit.  Plus, it’s way more fun to play down there.  I should have gotten a permit when I first got here, but hey, lesson learned!

Anyway, I earned a four-leaf clover and met a wonderful busker named Randy who is really the cutest person ever, and I REALLY hope the weather holds up…

Gross earnings for the day: $63.72
Gross earnings so far: $1536.12 (24 days)