Rarely do I hear or read praise for any of the artists in Seattle who choose (perhaps bravely) to “busk” in the streets and markets of the city.

Most of the time I hear snide jokes or contempt for their physical appearances -funny how people go there first-, followed by ironic caterwauls concerning music sang in public. There are a few buskers, however, who I selfishly seek out each time I walk through the city’s open air market heart. Whitney Monge is one artist the unProfessional covets. 

Her booming voice emanates from some fictional universe located in her center, and her guitar work is always delicate and spot on. I have seen her commanding vocals wake people from their walking slumbers, I have seen the wide eyed, dropped jaw photographers who stop to take pictures of her; looking certain that they’re capturing the beautiful wildness that embodies Seattle. I’ve seen young girls cheer and smile, and grown men break their stride to listen a while. Her sound is one that bends ears, elicits applause.

Each time I see her I think of bygone greats like Guthrie and Seeger. People who’s sound is the epitome of folk music, and the foundation of rock, who cut their teeth working the very same worn cobblestone streets. I think they’d probably stop dead in their tracks like me and listen a while, I think they’d find Whitney Monge a pretty commanding listen.

Девочка музыкант в Сан-Франциско (by denisdovgal)

Love love love

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