Here’s what I noticed about Baltimore

Everyone is either reeeeally nice or not very nice at all.  I didn’t find a lot of in between.  While I was there, though, the guy working at Dunkin’ Donuts gave me a bunch of free doughnuts one night, and one of the cute buskers I met gave me a pendant he made, and the guy at Common Ground (which is an excellent coffee shop—I noticed while I was in Baltimore that most baristas there are kind of rude, and that was not true at Common Ground) gave me a discount on my sammich and his address!  I was writing a letter to someone I had stayed with in New York (because I always write letters to people I grow close to on my trip) and he noticed I was doing this.  I am excited to get letters to Baltimore!  I need to be quick because if I get behind I will get back to school and have no time to finish.

Anyway, I’m currently in Arlington and will be heading into DC today to check out the busking atmosphere!  I’m staying with my awesome cousins and I’m pretty much living in a lap of luxury.


Despite what the benches say (“Baltmore: the Greatest City in America!”) I’m going to have to beg to differ.

I am in Washington, D.C. now (well, technically Arlington) and I’m going to head in tomorrow and see how well I can do.


OK I know it’s not morning.


But I had to do it once, right?

Anyway, I wasn’t originally planning on busking in Baltimore but the opportunity (sort of) just fell into my lap, seeing as Artscape was going on this weekend.  I didn’t get much of a chance to, so I ended up only playing for probably ten minutes at most.  I asked one of the art car people (who just so happened to be from Asheville!) where he thought I should attempt to busk and he told me I should try right in the middle of the car parts tent.  Art car car parts.  Anyhow, I was only able to play a few songs before a band started playing on a nearby stage and I had to stop.

After that, I ended up passing by this cute group of art students who were playing miscellaneous instruments and dancing and they beckoned to me to come play with them.  After playing for awhile and making a little mole hill of bills (which I told them they could keep my portion of) I learned that they went to Massachusetts Institute College of Art, and then found out that they knew my sister!  What are the chances?  I mean, they know my sister from before she moved to Baltimore through a friend from our hometown.  It’s a small world after all, FO REAL.

Anyway, got a few decent pictures and made a few bucks.  Here’s one (a picture, not a buck):

Banana car!

Also, there is a cat fight raging in the kitchen.  I AM POWERLESS

Gross earnings for the day: $7 (lol)
Gross earnings so far: $2002 (33 days)

The only reason I even included that stuff is because I realized that with the seven bucks I’VE MADE 2000 bucks!  If I was less of a turd and slacked off less I would have done a lot better, but much of the slacking off was due to having life-changing adventures constantly.  Seems like a fair trade-off, if you ask me.

It’s already the end of July…

I can’t believe I started over two and a half months ago!  Next summer I will do a much better job of recording my life: the problem with this trip is that a huge volume of exciting things happen every day and I have to choose the ones that are the most relevant to busking to write on here.  And in addition to that, I am not a very good writer/story-teller.  I have so many stories to tell!  Today I was walking down my sister’s deserted street in the rain to get lunch for the two of us and there was this little boy dancing like Michael Jackson on the corner.  I told him he was gettin’ it and he exclaimed “Thank you!” proudly.  I proceeded on my way and he continued dancing.  Later on I passed a young man, probably around twelve years old, standing by himself under an umbrella and blowing gingerly on a pinwheel.  Who are these children?

Baltimore is rainy today like Philadelphia was yesterday, and no one is out.  The bartender at the empty restaurant I went to today let me know that Baltimore residents are terrified of rain.

I still miss Manhattan…the foot traffic and the diversity and even occasionally the tourists.  I miss Washington Square Park and I miss Harlem Market and I miss Union Square Park and just the monumental volume of human beings you encounter every day.  Standing under the arch with thirty listeners gave me a taste of what busking SHOULD be like.

Bye Philadelphia

No busking because it rained all day and the foot traffic there is pathetic compared to Manhattan.  Boo!!  On my way to Baltimore, where I’m just going to hang out with my sister and not busk.  I’m excited to see my sister, but as far as busking goes I wish I could go back to Washington Square Park!